During 2010 WCS formed a partnership with Datwyler of Switzerland, a solid, reliable company celebrating its 100th year of operation. With the backing of a financially powerful group, the Datwyler Cabling Solutions division, originally a purely Swiss cable manufacturer, now operates on the international stage as a successful supplier of total solutions for the electrical and communications infrastructure of buildings and FTTx networks.

WCS delivered with Datwyler the Australian & New Zealand leg of the 100 Embassy 10Gb turnkey system. The reliable and future-proof innovative system from Datwyler included all aspects of a turnkey installation such as Network Cabinet’s, Raised Computer Room Flooring, Cat 6A infratsructure and all related Network equipment.

New network for 100 embassies (Datwyler Article Below) In 2009 Datwyler was commissioned to plan and implement the passive IT networks in over 100 embassies, consulates and UN missions of an Arabian Gulf state. Thanks to professional project management and Datwyler’s international partner network, the new IT networks were handed over in December 2015.

As a turnkey supplier of electrical and ICT infrastructures, the Datwyler Cabling Solutions division carries out world-wide on-site analysis, draws up proposals for infrastructure design, delivers the requisite system solutions and – in close collaboration with local partners – takes on the installation, documentation and maintenance of the new systems. The company also provides these services for multisite projects. It is two years since Datwyler was awarded the contract for a mammoth multisite project, that of equipping over 100 of the Gulf state´s embassies, consulates and UN missions with new passive IT networks. The client was the state’s Foreign Ministry. The Foreign Minister appointed an overall project manager of the active and passive IT network including new software, and he in turn awarded the contract to a local subcontractor who brought in Datwyler to install the passive IT network.

Cooperation with 50 local installation firms

Datwyler first had to draw up exact targets and specifications in collaboration with the clients – the Ministry, the overall project manager and the subcontractors – and agree a practical course of action with them. The wishes and requirements of the ambassador and the embassy staff at all the individual sites then had to be taken into consideration and implemented – in each case after obtaining the Foreign Ministry’s consent – with the aid of around 50 local installation firms. At a later stage of the work some adjustments were also made by the Ministry and the subcontractor. The installation involved complying with the strictly limited access times and working hours stipulated partly by the Ministry, partly by the embassies themselves. Installation encompassed the passive IT networks including the requisite racks and connections as well as raised floors in the server rooms.

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