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As with most installations these days, the time frames of projects are getting smaller and smaller whilst the workload is increasing with a greater emphasis on high installation practices. This recently completed fitout was no exception to what is becoming a common trend with today’s installations.

Overall the works were completed on time with all of the clients requirements met.

The scope of works consisted of the following –


  • 250 x Category 6 field outlets
  • 4 x Category 6 tie cables
  • Installation of new and relocated 47 RU equipment cabinets.
  • Voice backbone cabling.


  • Disconnect and make safe of power.
  • Install soft-wiring and Category 6 cabling for workstations.
  • Reconfigure lighting zones
  • Supply and Installation of feature lighting in reception, boardrooms and meeting rooms
  • Supply and Installation of Dynalite control and interface
  • Supply and Installation of 6 recessed floor-boxes
  • Modify existing switchboards to accommodate RCD circuit breakers in accordance with Australian Standards.
  • The full Dynalite lighting control system was designed and installed to operate all lighting throughout the offices. This system is controlled through time control, motion detection and PE cell operation. The system consists of networks linked via an Ethernet backbone to a computer housed in the Communications room.
  • The system allows the user to control, monitor and adjust time schedules to suit the client’s needs. Building floor plans and site plans have been used to generate a graphical representation of the office and provide accurate, real-time status of lighting levels. The lighting control system is also interfaced with the security system for simultaneous third party control.

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